How To Root Kindle Fire on Software Version 6.2.2

January 20, 201213 Comments

In one of our articles, we instructed you on how you can root your Kindle Fire tablet. It was a nice tutorial explaining all the steps to get your tablet rooted. Recently, Amazon rolled out a software update for the Kindle Fire tablet which is the 6.2.2 update. This update brings some improvements and new features that users were eagerly waiting for. The remarkable new feature available in this update is full screen browsing in the Silk Browser.

Root Kindle Fire 6 2 2 How To Root Kindle Fire on Software Version 6.2.2Silk is a web browser that comes pre-installed on this tablet and it gives a pretty amazing web surfing experience. Even though the screen of Kindle Fire was large, the browser was showing webpages only in a small area of the screen. With the roll out of this update, that problem has gone away and now you can surf your favorite websites on full screen. Along with this, the update breaks the root, so if you have already rooted your Kindle Fire, you need to root it again in order to get all the privileges that you had before.

To Root the Kindle Fire on Software Version 6.2.2, you need to use the Burrioto Root method. It is also useful to root the previous Kindle Fire software versions and now it has been updated to work with this new version. Here, we have prepared a guide for you to root your Kindle Fire successfully and conveniently. Here are the pre-requisites that you need to obtain first to proceed further with the root process.


When you are done downloading all of three files, let’s go further. Follow steps given below carefully and accurately.

Disclaimer: Android Lookout will not be held responsible if your device gets bricked or damaged during the process.

Steps to Root Kindle Fire on 6.2.2 Software Version

  • You need to have ADB installed and working on your PC. If you haven’t done so, Google it and you will find many good guides. When it is done, go ahead.
  • Connect your Kindle Fire to the PC using the USB cable.
  • Copy all of the downloaded files to the ADB folder and then open Command Prompt, CD to the ADB folder and then run the following commands:
    adb push BurritoRoot2.bin /data/local/
    adb shell chmod 777 /data/local/BurritoRoot2.bin
    adb shell /data/local/BurritoRoot2.bin
    adb root
    adb shell id
    <if uid = 0 then continue, otherwise start again>
    adb remount
    adb push su /system/xbin/su
    adb shell chown 0.0 /system/xbin/su
    adb shell chmod 06755 /system/xbin/su
    adb remount
    adb install Superuser.apk
  • Just reboot your Kindle Fire to enjoy root access.

The guide above is easy to follow and following the instructions will provide you with a successfully rooted Kindle Fire. Now enjoy super user access!

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  1. tom says:

    Works 100% – thanks :)

  2. robert says:

    Perfect, thank you so much!

  3. Jeremy Hamberlin says:

    I can’t get BurritoRoot 2 or Super user. What should I do?

  4. lilmissbig77 says:

    Now you need to show us also how to unroot kindle fire 6.2.2

  5. Max says:

    This guide is really straight forward and most important, it works!
    Thank you very much for sharing!…
    It really helped!

  6. louis says:

    i don’t get the part ” Copy all of the downloaded files to the ADB folder ” to the android-sdk folder or android-sdk-windows ? i see two..and just copy those three files to the MAIN folder no sub folders like tools..etc??

  7. Rob M says:

    Why do I lose the ability to play amazon instant videos

  8. Carl says:

    For some reason, the adb command isn’t working on my Mac. When I ls the directory, the adb file is there, but when I try to execute the commands, I get a command not found error. Any ideas?

  9. Adrianne says:

    what does rooting the tablet actually do?
    be specific please lol

  10. Shadit says:

    i keep getting this message when i type adb root:
    adbd cannot run as root in production builds, can i get some help?

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