How To Root HTC One X – Working Method

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HTC One X is the Android smartphone which was seen in the Mobile World Congress. The phone hasn’t been launched yet although a few workarounds have surfaced the Internet to root this phone. If you are planning to buy this phone, then you should not worry because there is already a working root method available. So, you will be able to root your phone as soon as you get and can enjoy unlimited number of apps on your phone that require access to system files, superuser permission.

Root HTC One X How To Root HTC One X   Working Method

In the following tutorial, you will learn how you can root your HTC One X smartphone. We will be using the insecure boot and root method to root your phone, because the fastboot root method currently has some problems therefore we won’t be using this method. You shouldn’t worry about this because finally you will end up with a rooted phone, it doesn’t matter which method you use to accomplish the task. First, you need to download some of the required files mentioned below and then head to the tutorial to apply the rooting steps. Here are the pre-requisites.


That is the only file you need to go further. After downloading the above file, go ahead and root your phone.

Steps to Root HTC One X

  • The following steps apply for Windows, Mac and Linux host OS. We can say that it works on almost all the OSes.
  • Now, extract files from the archive you downloaded to any folder on your computer.
  • Thereafter, turn OFF your phone and put it into the bootloader mode. It can be done by pressing the Volume DOWN+Power key and you will enter into the bootloader mode.
  • When your phone is in the bootloader mode, connect it to your PC using the USB cable and then follow any of the below steps appropriate for your OS.
  • Windows – Launch the install-insecure-windows.bat file by double-clicking on it.
  • Mac – Open the terminal window where you have extracted files and run the following commands:

    chmod +x

  • Linux – Open the terminal window where the extracted files are and issue the following commands:

    chmod +x

  • The rooting process will commence and after a few seconds, your phone will reboot.

That’s all. Enjoy, you are now running a rooted HTC One X smartphone with the ability to install a lot of apps that do need Superuser access.

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