How To Reset Flash Counter on Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S2 X

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As you know very well that there are countless custom ROMs available for the Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone and am sure you would have tried some of them on your phone. Whenever you do so, the count of Flash increases by one on your phone. Just like you see the counter of the calls you have made,  in hours, the same applies for the flashing. For instance, when you add a custom ROM to your phone, the Flash counter becomes 1, when you do the same thing second time, it goes up to 2 and this keeps going on as you install new ROMs. For any reason, if your device needs to be repaired, the customer support team of the device manufacturer will surely look at how many times the phone has been flashed and if the count is really a high number, you may get into some problems.

Install ICS XXLPJ Galaxy S2 300x198 How To Reset Flash Counter on Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S2 X

In the following tutorial, you will learn how you can reset the flash counter of your Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S2 X smartphone. By resetting the counter, it will show NO instead of any number. It means, you have never installed any custom ROM and have never modified the phone. It is really useful when you are taking your phone to the shop for any fix. Below are some of the pre-requisites in order to go ahead in the process. Make sure these matches to your phone.


  • The following method of resetting counter works only on T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 and TELUS Samsung Galaxy S2 X. You are warned not to use this trick on any other phone than these models. Go to Menu>>Settings>>About phone to find out your phone model.
  • Your phone should have at least 60% of battery in order to go successfully through the process.
  • Reset Counter Files (Galaxy S2 OR Galaxy S2 X)

When you are done with the above pre-requisites, head over to the following guide for instructions on how to accomplish the task.

Steps to Reset Flash Counter on Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S2 X

  • Download and place the reset counter files in any folder on your PC. You should download only one reset counter file which is appropriate for your phone model.
  • Connect your phone to your PC using the USB cable that came with it.
  • Now, transfer the reset counter file to your phone’s SD card. The path should be /sdcard/.
  • Disconnect your phone from the PC and turn it OFF using the Power key.
  • Next, Boot up your phone into the recovery mode. You can do it by pressing and holding the Volume UP+Volume DOWN+Power key simultaneously.
  • When phone boots up into the recovery mode, you are advised to take a backup in case something goes wrong. Use Backup and Restore followed by Backup to do so.
  • Come back to the main screen of the recovery and select install zip from sdcard option followed by choose zip from sdcard option.
  • Navigate to the Counter Reset File and select it for flashing.
  • After some time, the flashing will finish and then choose Reboot system now from the recovery menu.

The phone will now reboot and when it happen, you will see that the flash counter has been reset.

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