How To Install MoDaCo ROM on Amazon Kindle Fire

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Amazon’s Kindle Fire has been a successful tablet ever since it was launched. A lot of high-end feature packed tablets came in the market, although Kindle Fire has kept its position without any fall. Since the Kindle Fire runs on Android, you have vast choice of ROMs to install on it. There are some great custom ROMs available for your tablet and you can install whichever you like. Recently, the MoDaCo ROM was launched for Kindle Fire and here in this article, we will explain on how you can install MoDaCo ROM on your Kindle Fire tablet.

You should be aware that installing custom ROMs voids your tablet warranty but you don’t have to worry as you can always revert back to the stock ROM and can regain the warranty. There are also chances of getting your device bricked during the process but that happens when you do not follow the steps accurately. So, we recommend you to follow each step very carefully for better chances of getting ROM installed successfully.

MoDaCo ROM Kindle Fire How To Install MoDaCo ROM on Amazon Kindle Fire

In order to install MoDaCo on Kindle Fire, you will need to first grab the ROM file and it can be found in the pre-requisites given below. Download the file using the link given below and then head over to the tutorial to accomplish the task. Here are the files which you will need:


Download the above ROM file and then save it on your PC. Thereafter, go through these steps.

Steps to Install MoDaCo ROM on Kindle Fire

  • The first requirement to install this ROM is to have your Kindle Fire rooted and has custom recovery installed. Do it first and then move ahead.
  • Once your tablet is rooted and has custom recovery installed, just connect it to your PC with USB cable.
  • Now, you have to make the file transfer. Just copy the MoDaCo ROM file to your Kindle Fire storage, in the root folder of the SD card. So, the path would be /sdcard/.
  • When the file transfer is complete, just unplug your tablet from the PC and then turn it OFF.
  • You need to boot-up the tablet into the Recovery mode, you can do so by pressing the Power button few times, it will let you enter into the recovery mode.
  • Once you are in the recovery mode, just select backup>>backup now option to backup your current ROM in case the MoDaCo fails to install. So, you can get back to the old ROM at any time.
  • Get back to the Main interface of recovery and choose Install>>>>Flash. It will install the MoDaCo ROM, will take some time to finish the process.
  • Go back to main menu and select the reboot>>system option to restart your tablet so you can enjoy the new ROM on your Kindle Fire.

It’s done now and you are now having a custom ROM, named MoDaCo installed on your Kindle Fire. Hope, everything has gone fine and you will enjoy much better than that stock ROM.

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