How To Install Kindle Fire Silk Browser on Your Android Device

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Ever since the Kindle Fire launched, it got a huge fan base due to the high quality of features compared to its relatively low price. Loaded with lots of features, it has really been a great device for Android users. As you probably know, it runs on the Google Android OS and thus is filled with a bunch of useful functions. The one thing that sets it apart from other Android Devices is its Silk Browser. Amazon has really taken care to offer smooth and fast browsing on this tablet by providing an optimized web browser called the Silk Browser.

Silk is the only web browser that comes pre-loaded on Kindle Fire tablets. The developers at XDA Forums have ported the Silk browser to other Android devices, which means you can now enjoy more optimized webpage rendering and faster web browsing on your very own Android device, which doesn’t need to be a Kindle Fire. Here is a simple guide explaining the process to install Silk browser on your device.

Install Silk Browser How To Install Kindle Fire Silk Browser on Your Android Device

In order to install Silk Browser, you need to collect some files first. These pre-requisites are listed below and you can get them using the links provided below. Go through the download links and obtain files one by one.


The first file is the Silk Browser package and the second one is Root Explorer which you will be using in the tutorial below. Get your hands ready and go ahead.

As always, proceed at your own risk. We will not be held responsible if you damage or brick your device.

Install Silk Browser on your Android Device

  • The first condition before going further is, your device needs to be rooted. If it isn’t rooted, then do it first and then go ahead.
  • Using the USB cable, connect your device to your PC as we are going to transfer some files to the device.
  • Extract files from the Silk Browser package and then move all the extracted files to the root folder of the SD card on your device.
  • Launch Root Explorer app on your device and then navigate to the folder where you have put the transferred files.
  • There, you will find a folder called /System/lib, just copy all files from inside this folder and then paste them in /System/lib folder of internal memory.
  • When you are done copying files, just use File Manager and then open the App folder (you’ve transferred this from your PC to device) and install all the .apk files.
  • After installing all of the APK files, go to /data/app directory using Root Explorer and then copy to /system/app folder.
  • When it is done, reboot your device.

When your device starts up, you will find the Silk Browser in the Menu and then you can start surfing sites faster than ever before!

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