How To Install ClockworkMod Recovery on Galaxy Tab 7.7

February 21, 20121 Comment

Recently, we guided you on how you can root your Galaxy Tab 7.7 and in this guide, we are going to show you how you can install ClockworkMod Recovery on your Tab. After rooting your device, you can install the apps which require access to system files. Another advantage of rooting you is you can install custom ROMs, but how would you do that without a custom recovery. The stock recovery that comes with the tablet is not that powerful to fulfill all your needs that you look for in your tablet.

By installing ClockworkMod Recovery, the best custom recovery by far, you can do a lot more tasks on your phone even though when it does not have any ROM installed. With the help of this recovery mode, you can install all the custom ROMs on your tablet. ClockworkMod recovery provides you options to Wipe your data, update with new firmwares and so on.

CWM Recovery Galaxy Tab 7 7 How To Install ClockworkMod Recovery on Galaxy Tab 7.7

In order to install ClockworkMod Recovery on Galaxy Tab 7.7, you first need to obtain a few files that you will use in the process of installing the recovery. Here, we have collected the list of files along with their download links that will help you to easily get the required files. Get these files as quickly as you can and then move to the tutorial given just below. Before going further, make sure your Galaxy Tab 7.7 is rooted, you can do so from here.


Just get above files and then read the following tutorial to learn how to use these files.

Steps to Install ClockworkMod Recovery on Galaxy Tab 7.7

  • If your tablet is ON, just turn it OFF and then boot it up into the download mode. You can do so by pressing Volume DOWN and the Power key together. It will let you enter into the download mode.
  • Two options will be displayed on your screen and you have to choose either option. As we want our tablet to start in download mode, just press Volume UP key and it will load into the mode that we want.
  • When it is in the download mode, just hook-up the USB cable to your PC and the tablet, make sure the connection is working.
  • Thereafter, on your PC, open the Odin tool and the first box in this tool will have the yellow color, that means connection is working properly.
  • In the Odin, choose PDA option followed by the ClockworkMod file that you have obtained from the pre-requisites.
  • Next, leaving all the boxes unchecked, just check Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time boxes.
  • As soon as you click on the Start button, the process of installing this recovery mode will be started. It will take some time to install.
  • When process is finished and your tablet has rebooted, unplug it from your PC.

Here ends the process of installing ClockworkMod Recovery on your Galaxy Tab 7.7. You can boot into this recovery mode at any time by pressing and holding Volume DOWN and the Power key together when the device is OFF. Have fun icon smile How To Install ClockworkMod Recovery on Galaxy Tab 7.7

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  1. Willem Huurman says:

    Because my USB ports on my laptop not working with ODIN I chose Mobile ODIN and installed it on my tab p6800. If I start Mobile ODIN on my tab p6800 I get the following message” mobile odin pro superuser access is needed. But could not be acquired. are you rooted and did you give permission” so I go look at this site. Then they say Use wireless adb to install the root zergrush. Would have done this if the program requires. But I get the mededeling.Ops! Sorry, but your kernel does not have as Necessary for faturise run this application, you need root phone. i have kerneiversie3.0.15-p6800xxlq1-cl758322 se.infra @ siei-46 # 3 smp preempt thu June 21 11:27:29 p.m. kts 2012. I have android version 4.0.4. WHO CAN HELP ME BE MORE THAN ONE WEEK IN PROGRESS!!! GREETINGS WILLEM Huurman

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