How to Root Samsung Galaxy S3 on AT&T, T-Mobile or Sprint

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If you have a Samsung Galaxy S3 on the AT&T, T-Mobile or Sprint networks, you can use the following guide to root your phone and gain super user access. As always, make sure you have backed up any important data ahead of time. It wouldn’t hurt to make sure your phone is charged. You don’t want it to become disconnected and die mid-rooting.

Root Samsung Galaxy S3 How to Root Samsung Galaxy S3 on AT&T, T Mobile or Sprint

There are other methods out there to root your phone, but I like this one, posted on the xda-developers forum by user mrRobinson, because it avoids tripping the flash counter. If you trip the flash counter and try to get service on the phone, Samsung can tell you messed with it. In this way, you aren’t raising any red flags if you ever need work on your phone. However, this method does not work fully with international versions of the Galaxy S3. Also, it takes about 10 minutes to install. I don’t know about you, but I think I can wait 10 minutes.

As always, we are not responsible if anything bad happens to you while you root your phone, including, but not limited to, bricked phones, zombie attacks or paper cuts. Do this at your own risk.


First, you need to download Odin

Second, and you’ll probably already have this, but you need 7zip to open the necessary files.

Third, you need to download and unzip the appropriate image based on your phone.

For AT&T: here
For T-Mobile: here
For Sprint: here

Fourth, make sure you have backed up your phone’s data.

Here are the steps to follow:

1. Update your Samsung Galaxy S3 to the latest drivers so ODIN can properly detect your phone. If you need to upgrade, head to Samsung’s support site.

2. Put phone in download mode. Do this by simultaneously holding volume down, home and power. Wait a few seconds. You will see a “Warning!! A custom OS can cause critical problems… if you want to download a custom OS press the volume up key.”

Warning How to Root Samsung Galaxy S3 on AT&T, T Mobile or Sprint

If you change your mind, press volume down and cancel out. If you want to continue on with rooting, press the volume up key.

2. Plug your USB cord into the phone and connect it to the computer.

3. Open Odin.

Odin How to Root Samsung Galaxy S3 on AT&T, T Mobile or Sprint

4. Click ‘PDA’ and select the appropriate and unzipped image you downloaded earlier. Make sure only PDA is checked.

Odin2 How to Root Samsung Galaxy S3 on AT&T, T Mobile or Sprint

6. Click open.

7. In Odin, make sure F. Reset Time and Auto Reboot are checked (as seen in image). F. Reset Time will reset the counter regarding how many times your phone has been flashed. Auto Reboot will make the phone restart for you. You’ll notice I haven’t clicked PDA and loaded up an image in the picture below. I didn’t want to show anyone the wrong file from a different phone and confuse you!

Odin3 How to Root Samsung Galaxy S3 on AT&T, T Mobile or Sprint

8. Once you’ve selected your appropriate image, hit Start.

9. The process will take a little while. In the meantime, don’t unplug the USB cord or take out your battery or anything else crazy. After about 10 minutes, the phone will reboot and you will be rooted.


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