How To Root Samsung Exhibit II 4G

December 14, 201171 Comments

The Samsung Exhibit II 4G is an Android Smartphone which was launched in October, 2011. It sports a 3.7 inches touchscreen with a resolution of 480×800 pixles and can show you up to 16M colors. It includes a really good capacitive touchscreen, which is far better than resistive touchscreens. For connectivity purposes, it has WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n with the WiFi Hotspot feature. WiFi Hotspot enables you to share your Internet connection with others using WiFi. Bluetooth 3.0 and microUSB 2.0 are also included with this phone and can be used to share content with other smartphones. A 1GHz processor lets the phone work at very high speeds, so you can move anywhere in the phone within the milliseconds, thanks to the poweful processor. For high end gaming, it is equipped with a GPU which renders various graphics in the games and apps.

Root Samsung Exhibit II 4G How To Root Samsung Exhibit II 4G

Being an Android smartphone, the phones full potential can only be unlocked when it is rooted. A rooted phone enables you to install apps which require access to the system files, often called Super User Permission. There are not many tutorials on the Internet about rooting Samsung Exhibit II 4G’s, however we found one and explain how to do this below. It is a working method to root your Exhibit II 4G and the task is not very difficult. Similar to other Root tutorials, this one requires a few steps and at the end, you will have a Rooted smartphone in your hand, allowing access to a vast number of apps available on the Internet.

As usual, if you brick or otherwise damage your phone while attempting to root it, we at Android Lookout will not be held responsible.

In order to Root the Samsung Exhibit II 4G Smartphone, you will need a simple tool that can be obtained using the link given below.

Things Needed To Root:

Steps to Root Exhibit II 4G

  • First, make sure that you have installed the drivers for your smartphone so your PC can recognize your device and you can proceed further.
  • Enable USB Debugging on your phone, by going to Menu>>Settings>>Applications>>Development>>USB Debugging.
  • Now, just extract the files from the ZIP file you downloaded earlier using the link above. The desktop would be a good location to extract files for easy access.
  • Open the extracted folder and run the ZergRushTempRoot.bat file.

The batch file will then issue commands one by one and will proceed to root your phone. After it finishes, you will be able to see the Super User installed on your phone, you can download the Root checker app from the Market if you want to confirm whether your phone has successfully been rooted. You can get a bunch of apps from the Market for your rooted phone and let you enjoy all the features right on your phone screen.

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  1. dan says:

    when i try to extract the file, it says it needs a password because it is password protected…any solution?

  2. Laserem says:

    I always got stuck on daemon started. after that what’s next when i run the .bat file?

    • When you open the .bat file, it’ll execute some commands so wait for a few seconds or minutes. And then, look at your mobile, it’s been successfully rooted now !

      • mike says:

        I am having the same problem…how long is it just going to sit there at “daemon started successfully”…it hasnt moved in 15 min. I have the drivers installed, and the phone is connected and in debugging mode. I need help.

  3. Kevin says:

    I can’t download the bat file. It brings me to page, but no file is downloaded. Thanks.

  4. Tom Cummings says:

    I gone to samsung web site and downloaded the usb tethering software then installed in a windows vista based computer. set the cell on usb debugging. plugged usb cable to cell and computer and ran the zergrush batch. It worked flawless and titantium installed perfectly. got rid of a ton of bloatware and installed cpu booster. netflicks loads 2 times faster and no stutters in movies or the most extensive games. wifi bluetooth and all apps and hardware works pefect. my utmost appreciation to the developers and post from other users. one note though dont do the update on superuser. from what i read it iinstalls but wont leave and doesnt seem to work as well from reading other post in other forums. my many thanks for this program.

  5. Piano says:

    Are you sure 100% that it works?

  6. Ditka833 says:

    Has anyone tested Wi-Fi calling with a rooted phone? I went to the current carrier and device (this one) due to this feature. Also, what other features have you gained from rooting this device?

  7. dnctopjob says:

    Thanks, Mahesh

  8. someonespecial says:

    This worked flawlessly.

  9. Danny says:

    It got stuck on daemon started successfully :/

    • ShadySid says:

      Dan, make sure the check box next to USB debugging is green. You can only do that when the phone is not connected to the computer.

      So first enable the debugging mode and then connect your phone to the computer and then run the bat file.

  10. cindy says:

    phone connect to win7 successfully via USB, but after i ran the rooting program, i still don’t see the super user icon… not rooted…

    • appletree says:

      I had the same experience too! Downloaded the root checker app to check if the phone is rooted. It says no! What next? Can I reset it to factory defaults?

      • Wei says:

        I had the same experience too, everything seems successful and I do not see “super user icon” after restart cell phone, please help!

        • IV says:

          same thing happened to me.. I followed the steps, ran zerg and it wen through the process. Then it said something like “it’s a GG! You’re rooted!” – but when I reboot it there is no superuser. Certain apps say my phone is rooted but “root check” says its not. Can anybody help with this? Seems that this is happening to several people and I can’t find a single response to our inquiries.

  11. eddie says:

    how would you unroot it back to be able to keep warrant on phone

  12. eddie says:

    now that i rooted my exibit 2 how do u unroot back to original settings so that i can still keep my warranty

  13. michael t says:

    i just wanted to say thank you to the developers who put this together…you guys are so awesome!

  14. ShadySid says:

    Thanks guys. I got Samsung exhibit 2 about 2 days ago and the battery was draining quite a lot. It didnt last too long. I had to risk rooting it and went through a couple of places and tried this one…It worked awesome…I can now see many unwanted applications disabled….and RAM is more efficient…Thanks Mahesh !!

  15. Chase says:

    Idk how to even get to the file to extract it. Can someone give me a step by step procedure?

  16. tloke87 says:

    I installed drivers successfully but when I run the zergrush bat it says to press any key then boots me out.

  17. chris says:

    i lost my 4g connection. what went wrong? i followed all instructions and i even tried to reboot my phone and there is no connection still.

    • Poop says:

      The rooting turned on your sim card lock. check by looking in security(I think) call customer service and lie about how it happened(placed in different phone) other wise warranty=gone.

  18. swagexhibit says:

    when i type in the password it didnt work

  19. pancho says:

    once rooted can the phone then work as a wifi hotspot without paying the $15/mo fee?

  20. Nick M says:

    Worked perfectly. Why can’t all roots be this easy? Thanks.

  21. Brian says:

    I rooted my phone too. Is there a way to un-root the phone too?

  22. toney says:

    i keep getting a black and white window that says “command not recognized” when trying to root what am i doing wrong? can someone help?been trying for a week now

  23. Angel says:

    im stuck at daemon started sucessfully for over 20 minutes can some one help me?

    • jon says:

      *#7284# on phone keypad and select “pda”

      reboot the phone

      reconnect to usb and run zerg again. you may have to kill the “adb.exe” process in task manager in windows before trying again.

  24. The Doctor says:

    Just tried it … got tired of dealing with all the bloatware. Worked like a champ the first time through! No problems at all – could not have been easier. Big thanks to all those who made this possible! :-)

  25. dude_w says:

    I too get stuck on “* daemon started successfully *” for at least 20 minutes.

    I can’t really think of a reason this would be happening.
    Any ideas? This is a fairly significant problem, as most root instructions use this method ONLY and if it doesn’t work, that’s a problem.

    Yes I checked debug mode and allow installation from all sources.

    • zeron says:

      I had the same problem, but I think Jon’s suggestion works:

      See the post by Jon on April 27, 2012 at 1:53 AM

      • James says:

        It didn’t work for me. I’m getting the same thing and can’t get past the following:

        C:\Documents and Settings\james\Desktop\ZergRushRoot\Zerg rush root>adb wait-for
        * daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 *
        * daemon started successfully *

  26. Kuku says:

    Anyway to unlock this after rooting? Such as obtaining the bml5.img file on Galaxy Ace?


  27. Ditka833 says:

    What kind of memory gains can I expect with this phone rooted? I suspect most of my displeasure with this phone is caused by over 75% of the RAM being used by apps that I don’t even run. My phone shows 328mb RAM available and 275mb used with nothing launched.

  28. Victor says:

    Went through all the forums and found out that this one is the only one and easiest one that really work!!!!! If you get stuck on deamon…. its cause your driver is unabled. Fixed that and it took less than 3 mins!!!! Thank you!!!

  29. chris says:

    what infomation will be saved when the phone is rooted? what should i backup?

  30. Wei says:

    I run this program under Win 7 and everything seems successful, after restart cell phone, do not see “Super user” Icon, is anybody can answer my question, many thanks!

  31. Doug says:

    My phone WAS rooted, I then was sent a firmware update to version 2.3.6… since the upgrade I lost my root access and am now unable to get it back. I tried a factory reset and then tried to root my phone again but that didn’t work. Does anyone know how I can get my root access back after this upgrade?

  32. elizani says:

    With Vista I didn’t have to install any drivers for the phone
    tried rooting my Samsung but run into error before the end?? How do I know if it rooted or not. Both folder you all are talking about are there. yhanks any help appriciated

    • Doug says:

      To check if your phone has root access go to the android market and download an application called “root checker”. This will tell you if you have root access or not.
      Hope this helps you out!!

  33. Niyah says:

    Mine got stuck at the Black box or whatever too . ive been trying it for like 3 days now. :/

  34. johnny says:

    NOD32 says zergrushroot is a trojan…

  35. elizani says:

    tried everything and still not rooted :( (. the error forceclose keeps coming back. Both folders aer created (superuser and terminal emulator) but both are empty.I am sure I’m missing smthng. new to androids.

  36. johnny says:

    i had the same problem; zergrootrush didnt work because i couldnt remount the filesystem as RW, and couldnt remount because su couldnt installd, and couldnt install SU because i couldnt remount!

    i found a fix; install su/busybox through recovery mode then chmod (though a chmod shouldnt even be necessary once su is installed [outside the OS])

    try taking a look at my post here:

  37. teresa says:

    I have this phone on prepaid.
    If I root will it take away my minutes I paid for?
    I still have awhile until I have to pay my 50 bucks
    And I was just wondering if I rooted will I have to pay that very wiped clean making me pay again before my month is up?

    • Doug says:

      @Teresa… No, you will not lose your minutes or anything else on your prepaid account. Go ahead and root, you’ll be glad you did. Make sure to install a root uninstaller once rooted so you can get rid of all that bloatware that T-Mobile loves to put on their phones.

  38. Autumn says:

    Hi, I am able to get to the zergrush bat file, it runs fine then says press any key to continue, but kicks me out and nothing after that. What am I doing wrong?? Please help.

  39. barbie says:

    every time i try to use the zergrush bat file, it runs fine then says press any key to continue, but force closes on me and nothing happens i have the root checker and it says it is NOT rooted and i have a new file called terminal emulator but no superuser file can someone please help me out a little…

  40. David says:

    Rooted the phone. Are there any good ROM’s for this phone? What are some suggestions for doing after root success?

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