How To Install CyanogenMod 7 on Google Nexus S 4G

January 12, 20120 Comments

CyanogenMod 7 for Nexus S 4G How To Install CyanogenMod 7 on Google Nexus S 4GGoogle Nexus S 4G is one of the variation of the formal Nexus smartphone. It comes in three variations, including the AMOLED screen, Super LCD screen and the last one 4G version. Google Nexus was the first smartphone to come with Gingerbread version of Android on board. Eventually, new versions of Android came and the Gingerbread version seems to be obsolete now. So, if you are bored of using the Nexus S 4G and want to install a custom ROM, then read on.

CyanogenMod 7 is a custom ROM built for the Android smartphones. It allows you to expand the usability of your phone by having premium features on your phone. It breaks all the hurdles that the on-board OS comes with and gives you an amazing experience of using your phone. Although it should be considered that the version of the CyanogenMod is not stable, however, if you ignore it, then everything would work fine. Follow the guide given below and you will be on the way to have a completely new look on your current Nexus S 4G smartphone.

In order to install CyanogenMod 7.1 on your Nexus S 4G, you will be required to grab the files listed below. These files will help us to accomplish the task. They are called pre-requisites and you can get all the necessary files using the links given below.


Now, you need to follow the instructions given below carefully. Each step has been explained, so you can know what is going on. Your phone must be rooted to install this custom ROM.

Disclaimer: Android Lookout will not be held responsible if your device gets bricked or damaged by following below steps.

Steps to Install CyanogenMod 7 on Nexus S 4G

  • Well, assuming that you have obtained all the files and have saved them on your PC desktop. Connect your smartphone to your PC and then transfer the downloaded CyanogenMod 7 file to the /sdcard/ of your phone. You can do it by using the USB cable that came with your phone.
  • Use the link given in the pre-requisites to download ROM Manager. It is available in the Android Market and costs nothing. Grab it from there and install it on your phone.
  • After installing ROM Manager, open it up from the Menu and then tap Flash ClockworkMod Recovery option. It will now install the custom recovery on your phone called ClockworkMod Recovery. For a smoother download, you should have a decent Internet connection. Read [How To Install ClockworkMod Recovery]
  • Depending on the speed of your Internet connection, it will take some time to download the recovery. When it finishes, just choose the option Reboot into recovery so that the custom recovery can be started.
  • When your phone will start, it will be in ClockworkMod Recovery. You will see some options on the screen, just choose Install ZIP from sdcard and then navigate to the CyanogenMod file which you transferred to your phone in the earlier step.
  • The process of installing the Custom ROM will start and you need to wait for some time. When the installation completes, your phone will reboot automatically and you will be able to enjoy CyanogenMod 7 on your phone thereafter.

The process above doesn’t involve any difficult steps, although if you are facing any problems, feel free to drop them in the comments and we will take care of them !

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